What else have I been doing?

We went to the Renaissance Festival this week end.  It's really not our thing and my better half said every 10 years is enough. It sounds like a good idea so I think we will stick to that plan.
Michele ate a turkey leg.

Then we learned how to play a game that is supposedly over 3000 years old called Morris. Since I'm the queen of games in my family and probably have over 100 games in my house, I had to buy it.  They had wine and chocolate sampling so we did have to partake it that. That was about the most excitement we had at the Festival.
On the way to Mpls we went a different route and I stumbled into a little shop in Litchfield called Very Vintage. If I was going to own a shop this would be it.  It has a little of everything. Well, maybe not food, not that I recall anyway.

I did purchase a couple of things.  I fell in love this this cute tray, it has a lot of personality and I love the color. It's not just going to sit around collecting dust. I actually use trays a lot. The little chair I bought 'cause I collect old sewing paraphernalia, however I really don't think this is that old but I did think it was cute and inexpensive so it came home with me and I will put this to use also.
Lastly, I've been working on a couple of things for my Etsy shop.
I need to add a nose and some whiskers and I may do something different around this neck of the cat before he gets listed and the other piece of work is a crazy quilted pin keeper.

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