The stockings were hung ......

I have a love/hate- or more of a strongly dislike relationship with knitting. I love the look of anything hand knit. I strongly dislike the fact that I can't read patterns well enough to make anything correctly. I love all the cool yarn, I strongly dislike the fact that I need 30 different pair of needles. When I have the proper size in a circular needle, it's not the right length, when I have the proper size in regular needles, I need double points and it just goes on and on.
I love the fact that my friend Kathy will make socks for me in super cool colors, but strongly dislike the fact that I can't make them myself.

I strongly dislike when I have money and time invested and things like this happen. In case you don't want to read the whole sorted story, here is a picture of this disaster.

These were slippers that went arye. They are only 3 inches across and 12 inches long.
Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to pick up the needles again, then something like this comes along and I can't resist.

It turned out kind of cute and only took two evenings for me to make just one.


I just had a calling to do somthing quick and easy and get something finished so I whipped up these little partially eaten gingerbread men.  You can find the tutorial here.I changed mine a little bit.  I'm sending mine in the mail so I didn't stuff them, I used timtex,  a very heavy stabilizer for the inside. I didn't have enough tan felt to make two of them and the closest store to get any is 20 miles away so for the smaller one I coffee dyed some off white felt.   I still didn't think it was dark enough so I sprayed it with a little disstress spray. They turned out pretty cute so I may just have to get some more felt and make a couple more.


Another get-together

Yesterday I got together with my two friends Jeanette and Kathy one last time before they go south. We didn't get any stitching done but we did do a lot of eating Christmas goodies and chatting.

I received this cute little snowman from Jeanette.

The two postcards are from a give away that Kathy had on her blog awhile back.

This little puzzle piece is an extra that Kathy had and she gave it to me to add to my collection. It just happens to be my favorite color.


Holiday cheer

Here are two of my favorite things
#1 Fabric post cards

This one is from my blogging friend Jenna Louise. If you haven't been to her blog, you really should pop over there and check it out.
# 2 favorite thing - cute pictures of my puppy

Isn't she adorable?


Mail and more

I received this adorable post card in the mail from my blogging friend Gina over at Patra's Place all the way from Australia.  I send her one of my dress/apron postcard's in exchange you can see it here.

This is a Christmas cracker I received from the exchange I am doing with the International crazy quilt group on yahoo. You can see the two that I sent here.  We are supposed to wait until Christmas to open them, but I know that's not going to happen ' cause that's not how I roll.  I already opened one of the little gifts, but that's because it was wrapped in cellophane so I thought it might be candy and I was really hungry.

This is what I'm working on today.  My goal is to get all  of the 2.5 inch squares sewn of the corners.  Four down and 44 more to go.


Welcome December

Nothing too exciting going on here.  I just finished the December circle of the month for my welcome sign. I really like these so I am managing to stay right on top on them.  Most of them anyway, I still need to go back and get Novembers done.