Too many cards

My sister came to visit and she wanted to buy some cards from me,  So I went around gathering cards here and there and everywhere and realized I have way too many cards. 

These are just the finished ones.
So I'm going to have another giveaway (being the others have been such a big hit.  The last time I had all of one entry and she received the whole kit & caboodle  ??? (you know who you are and I bet you are secretly hoping you will be the only one again.
Anyway I will be giving away some lovely cards and all you need to do is leave a comment. The first person to leave a comment will be the first winner, if several people leave comments I will do a drawing for a second and perhaps third winner. If you have never entered for one of my giveaways leave me a comment and tell me why.  No, just kidding, you aren't required to do that.
I will have the drawing on the 28th so everyone will have plenty of time to leave a comment.


Jeanette Buchanan said...

The cards of yours are always great. I loved the graduation ones. Jeanette

Kathy said...

I'm not going to comment, Cindy, because I won the last time, ha ha!

Charissa Doebler said...

I love your cards! I really like what you have going on with the donut cards! :)

Charissa Doebler said...
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