And the winner is ............

The one and only person that reads my blog regularly Kathy.   She was the only entry so she is going to get all the fabulous prizes. I hand picked all the prizes just for her and since she is an avid card maker I chose mostly paper products and card making supplies.
She is receiving these lonely mini note cards.
And a little box to keep them in.

Bakers Twine.

A Caribou Coffee note book.
 A Caribou Coffee mini journal.
Along with a Caribou Coffee gift card.
And lastly the ever popular Work of Art stamp set from Stampin' Up. Thanks Kathy for being my #1 (and apparently only) fan.


Kathy said...

Oh My Gosh, Cindy! I'm speechless! That's one really terrific, generous assortment of prizes. Thank you so very much and keep on sharing your creative talents with us. Love your blog.

Gina E. said...

Oh CINDY!! I feel awful! I do keep up with your blog, along with my other favorite blogs, but not on a regular basis, i.e. I don't read them all every day, or even every week. So I miss out on some nice surprises, lol! But I'm pleased that Kathy won all your goodies, as it seems that she will be able to use them, whereas I'm not really into card making, although I do love seeing what you and other people create.