New Year

With the New Year I decided to get a few new things in my Etsy shop. I like to try new things and I am always apprehension about spending a lot of time and energy making numerous things then not having them sell. With an Etsy shop comes advice, usually from people that don't sell or buy from Etsy. A lot of people have told me I should sell my cards, well if you do a search for cards in Etsy you will come up with over 750,000 items and I'm just not interested in joining that competitive market.  However, I have also gotten some great suggestions from customers, like snow flakes (my best seller) so now I am trying a couple more things that customers have suggested.  One is snowmen.
You can find more here.
I also sell sheep scissor fobs and brooches. Well one of my customers had inquired if the fob had a pocket to hold the scissors, it didn't but I thought hmmm, I bet it could so ....
A sheep scissors holder/fob was born.

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Gina E. said...

Your felt creations are very cute! Did you see on my blog the felt donuts and cupcake I made?
I have a heap of patterns I want to make up with felt. Just have to find the time now...