It's the never ending quilt top

This was a free block of the month project that was so much fun to do that I kept up with it faithfully every month and got them done in a timely manner for a change.  I even kept on task and pieced it all together soon after the blocks were done.  Then came the border.  I used a dark blue and just wasn't super happy with it. You can check it out here. So it sat around.  I moved it from one place to another telling myself I need to get it quilted. I finally decided that after going to all that work with the embroidery I needed to be really happy with it so I cut the wide dark blue border off and make it 3/4 inch wide (yes I know that's weird but that's how I roll).  Then I added a lighter border and I like it much better now.
You haven't seen the end of the never ending quilt top, I'll show it again when it is quilted, bound and hanging on my wall.

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Gina E. said...

It is lovely, Cindy! I rather liked the original dark blue border, but the lighter blue looks good too.