Stampin' Up Event

I had small but mighty groups for my two events.  It was a Christmas theme so the treats had to coincide.
On this plate we have gingerdoodles.  Half ginger cookies and half snickerdoodle. They weren't such a hit but that's okay because everyone in my family loves them so that leaves more for us. The stars are a German cookie a brought at Aldi's. They are a spiced ginger cookie.
On this tray we have Butterfinger Fudge, it's made with candy corn and has a unique spongy texture.
In the middle we have a mint cream cheese cookie and lastly we have lefsa which is nothing less that yummy and good, need I say more?  Yes I do, if you don't like lefsa, I'm sorry we can't be friends.
And now onto the projects.

The first project is a sour cream packet origami project, more on that tomorrow. The card is just a simple simon card that goes together in minutes.
 I love this card.
These little crates are so much fun, I can't stop making them.

This is the final project.

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