Settling in

Well I'm finally back. We have moved in to our new place and here are a few pictures to prove it.
My kitchen that includes two very old trays that were in the cabin.  Our neighbor said that my mother in law used them all the time for serving drinks.  I also have my moms well-used mixer from the 40's.

This is one of our guest rooms. It's the summer themed room.

 This one is the winter themed guest room.

And behind this door is where the magic happens.
 I never said I had everything put away, I just said I was settling in.  I have a policy that once I take something out of the box I can't put it back, so if I don't know where to put it sometimes it just ends up in a pile on the floor,
Yep, there are a few more piles of treasures.
Stay tuned as I am going to try to get back to my 'Tune in Tuesday again',


Robbie said...

Well, you're probably ahead of all of us since you'll be culling and cleaning out as you put away! HA Happy moving...your home looks lovely!!

Gina E. said...

Hi Cindy, I have been slack with visiting blogs over the past six months since I became an administrator of a new Home makers forum, but now and then I update my blog, and drop in to see what my old bloggy friends are up to. Glad to see you are settled in your new home, oh my gosh, I wish my sewing/craft room was half the size of yours! I have just done a big cull of my magazines, and gained a whole lot more space on the floor and on the bookshelves, but still don't have enough room to move around as much as I would like to. Never mind, I am lucky to have my own dedicated craft room when so many others must make do with a dining room or kitchen!
Love seeing your cards - creative genius at work there :-)