Card Buffet

I had my first ever card buffet last week and it was a hit so I think there will be another in the future.  I have a better feel for what the people want and can offer more options without a lot of extra work.
Here are the projects.
These were the tags I offered and they sold out.

The gift card holder sold out as well.  I even sold the sample one.
I used a bunch of different designer paper for these and the music one sold out immediately.
I made extra of these 'cause it seems I'm always out of sympathy cards, so I figured it they didn't sell I could use them.
I had a lot of these left over and I guess it's just to limited as to who it would be used for, as I took a couple of the left overs and stamped trees on the other side, now it's more versatile.  Clever, aren't I?
I did the same thing for this one.
These are kind of  wintery generic cards.
These two are my favorites.  I can't get enough of the window frame cards and I love the vintage fawn designer paper.



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