Stampin' Up Event

I just realized that I loaded all my pictures from my Stampin' Up Event and never posed them.  So here they are.
These boxes reminded me to popcorn boxes,  So popcorn boxes it is.

This was my Monday morning group.

What happy smiling faces for a Monday morning.

This was my evening group, they need wine to make them happy.

This was my Tuesday morning group. They are card making experts.

These are the projects we made.

These are a couple of ideas for the window frame.  My kids are each going to get one of these on the Christmas tree with a baby picute of them and a little something inside.

Sorry it's sideways I can't turn it so you will just have to turn your head.

These are the desserts.  They remind me of cows.

The dessert was super easy.  I just used what I had in the house with the exception of the Ready whip. I Started out with a brownie mix made using the directions on the package.  I cut them into bite size pieces.  Then made cheesecake pudding and added about a cup of cool whip. I layered the brownies and cool whip mixture, then I had some leftover peppermint patties from the snowman projects so I chopped them and placed them on top.  I covered them and put them in the fridge overnight.  Right before serving I topped with Ready Whip.

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Gina E. said...

Oh I wish we lived closer...your craft mornings and evenings sound like so much fun! I have fun with my friends too, but the ones who live close by are not really craftminded, so I can't have regular craft days with my other friends because we live too far apart.