Halloween cards

I have the best intentions of sending out cards for my customers birthdays, since it is supposedly my business and all, then something happens and before I know it their birthday is past and they haven't received a card.
So now to make up for it I made up Halloween cards and sent them out to everyone I know( everyone that I have their address for anyway)  turns out I only know 20 people. Since I don't really get into the ghosts and goblins kind of thing I went with this instead.

I used an assortment of background paper and each one turned out a little bit different.

I used my favorite bow tying method, the fork bow.
I hope they all arrived safe and sound.  I did  bring one to the post office with the bow on before I put all the bows on to make sure they wouldn't take extra postage.

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Gina E. said...

I'm not into ghosts and goblins either, so I think your Halloween cards are lovely. Your "Stampin' Up" organisation is big over here - I see it at the craft shows when I go to them. As much as I love the stamps and what people do with them, I just don't have time to get involved with it :-(