I haven't sold any cards since my last post so I'm still on a sabbatical from making cards. Other than getting all my ducks in a row for the Farmers Market, I did take time to get my paper fix to cover this cute little tin.

It's a Altoid tin, I've covered them before so this is nothing new, and I use them to store all kinds of little tidbits. You can see more tins here and here and here.
And then there are the other tins.  I had about 50 tins I tried to sell at my garage sale for 25 cents each. I made three into bird houses just to show people what they could do with them, thinking that would help boost sales. I didn't sell any of the tins however my neighbor bought two of the finished product. So I dropped most of the left over tins off at a donation place, then my neighbor came over and convinced me that if made more up they would sell at the Famers Market. So I took a few of the tins I had left and this is what they look like.
I didn't sell any at the market but will try again in a couple of weeks when I go back.

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