Gearing Up for the Big Sale

Just in case you are wondering where I've been and what I've been doing here is a little taste. I've been getting ready for the garage sale of the century.
I've been going through 30 plus years of crafting supplies.

I'm selling tons of fabric, patters and kits, oh my. I'm selling new kits, projects that have been started, projects that are nearly done, quilt blocks, lots of things I don't really want to part with but I must be realistic, I don't have enough time on this earth to finish them. I have more unfinished projects than I care to count and just when I thought I was nearing the end, I went into my attic and found more!  What you see here is just a small portion of what I have marked and ready to go.
And then there are books. Children's books, teen books, craft books, adult books, oh wait that might sound bad, anyway, hundreds and thousands of books.
I just keep telling myself, everything I keep, I'm going to have to move and find a spot for in my new home that will be half the size of what I have now.
I almost forgot to mention the big sale will be May 8 and 9.



Marsha said...

are you moving? I will have to check out your sale :)

Gina E. said...

I think it must be our age group, Cindy. Nearly all of my friends (as well as me) are having huge decluttering sessions, knowing that the older we get, the less likely it will be that we will achieve all that we wanted to with our craft stash...sad, isn't it.