Bags and Purses

My lovey daughter Michele sells 31 bags and purses and whenever she has an event she likes to make purse related things and have lots of give-aways. 
This is what guests will receive just for showing up.
It's a cute little purse filled with M&M's.

This adorable K-cup holder is what they will receive if they bring a friend.
They also receive something if they place an order.
There is wine, cheese, crackers and a yummy dessert as well.  People would have to be out of their mind not to show up! Ha Ha
 You can find the instructions for the K-cup holder here.
I just made one little adjustment.  It calls for a 4 1/2 x 11 cardstock and I cut mine 4 1/4 just so I could get 2 out of one piece of cardstock.

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