My poor blog

My poor neglected blog.  Part of my problem for not posting as much as I used to is because modern technology is getting the best of me. I have a desk top, lap top and tablet and everyone of them gives me trouble when I want to post a new blog post.  My laptop will let me type but won't add my pictures, it used to but now it won't. My tablet tells me I'm not authorized to post and it won't let me log in under a different account.  And my desk top.... well, I don't even want to go there.  My camera is on it's last leg so I have been using my phone and tablet for pictures so I have pictures on my tablet that I will post as soon as I get that figured out.



Just though I would post a couple of my 'finds' from my attic.

This is my long lost afghan that I started back in the nineties. I've actually been looking for it and wondering what ever happened to it.  I found it all scrunched up in a plastic shopping bag inside a tote.  Now I'm going to try to remember where I put it so I can work on it next fall.

And now for some garbage.

These projects are from the 80's and no that's not a typo, I have unfinished projects from the 80's. Go ahead and judge me, I know there is something seriously wrong with me. As you can see I was into cross stitching big time. I actually tried to take it up again a couple of years ago but my 'mature eyes' aren't going to let it happen.


Bags and Purses

My lovey daughter Michele sells 31 bags and purses and whenever she has an event she likes to make purse related things and have lots of give-aways. 
This is what guests will receive just for showing up.
It's a cute little purse filled with M&M's.

This adorable K-cup holder is what they will receive if they bring a friend.
They also receive something if they place an order.
There is wine, cheese, crackers and a yummy dessert as well.  People would have to be out of their mind not to show up! Ha Ha
 You can find the instructions for the K-cup holder here.
I just made one little adjustment.  It calls for a 4 1/2 x 11 cardstock and I cut mine 4 1/4 just so I could get 2 out of one piece of cardstock.


Gearing Up for the Big Sale

Just in case you are wondering where I've been and what I've been doing here is a little taste. I've been getting ready for the garage sale of the century.
I've been going through 30 plus years of crafting supplies.

I'm selling tons of fabric, patters and kits, oh my. I'm selling new kits, projects that have been started, projects that are nearly done, quilt blocks, lots of things I don't really want to part with but I must be realistic, I don't have enough time on this earth to finish them. I have more unfinished projects than I care to count and just when I thought I was nearing the end, I went into my attic and found more!  What you see here is just a small portion of what I have marked and ready to go.
And then there are books. Children's books, teen books, craft books, adult books, oh wait that might sound bad, anyway, hundreds and thousands of books.
I just keep telling myself, everything I keep, I'm going to have to move and find a spot for in my new home that will be half the size of what I have now.
I almost forgot to mention the big sale will be May 8 and 9.



Happy Easter

Just for fun I made little Rice Krispies nest treats. They are super simple, using an ice cream scoop place a scoop full of mixture into a muffin tin, spray it with non stick coating first of course, then smoosh it down with a smaller scoop, spray that first as will, wait for them to cool and they will come right out, then decorate with green coconut and jelly beans. Oh yeah and because Rice Krispies treats are not sweet enough I added some dry yellow cake mix.
Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.