Stampin' Up Event

I had my Stampin' Up event this week and completely and totally forgot to take pictures of the lovey group that came, so you will just have to trust me when I say everyone had a fabulous time,  perhaps I shouldn't speak for everyone and just say I had a fabulous time.
Here are the projects we made.

And of course there was food involved.
 I made caramel chocolate chip cookie cupcakes with Biscoff cookie spread frosting.

I served the best looking ones and we are eating the ones I didn't put much effort into.
An Oreo cookie is placed on the bottom then a spoonful of chocolate chip cookie dough on top of the cookie and topped off with caramel cake batter and the result is a delightful mouthful of yummy goodness. Now before you start emailing me asking where in the world can you find caramel cake mix I will tell you the whole sorted story.  It used to be readily available every where cake mixes were sold, then it became hard to find, then one day it was no where to be found. I spend about 6 months searching stores the internet, my friends cupboards,(not really) now I know some of you that know me well are wondering 'Cindy, why are you spending your precious time looking for cake mix when you don't even like cake?'.  True I don't like cake but by now I have collected several bar and cookie recipes that use caramel cake and I do love to bake bars and cookies.... so anyway, where was I?  Oh yeah, I finally called Duncan Hines to tell them how disappointed I was that they stopped making this wonderful product only to find out they still make it. They couldn't understand why I couldn't find it in stores so they asked for my zip code to tell me where I could get my hands on some and it turns out in Minnesota they only sell it at Hy Vee stores.  I told them there are no Hy Vee stores within 60 miles of me, so could they please send me some?  No, they couldn't but they could send me some coupons and suggested that I check with grocery stores in my area and perhaps they could order it for me. No they wouldn't , even when I told them I would take a case of it. If your still with me here I bet you are wondering, where did she get her cake mix, yeah, yeah, I getting there.  one day my husband and I were driving somewhere, luckily for you I don't' remember where or that would be another story, anyway out of nowhere there was a Hy Vee store so I shouted stop the car I need caramel cake mix. He dropped me off and I dashed in and bought every box on the shelf (there was only three).  So if you came to my event today you should feel very special as that was my last box. And if you happen to come across any will you pick up a box or two for me?

For the Thursday night group I had made wine gummy bears. 

That was one of those things I found on pinterest that I went back and unpinned after I tried them. I try a lot of things that I find on pinterest, food, crafts, tips ect. and about 27 percent of them turn out to be flops. But they look cute, don't they?


Kathy said...

Cindy, I would love to look for the cake mixes here in Arizona but you would have to give me the recipe for the cupcakes.

Gina E. said...

LOL that was such a funny story, Cindy! I didn't realise it has been so long since I visited your blog, and I am really enjoying catching up!