Back from vacation

I'm back from vacation and decided it was high time I post to my blog.  I didn't get much crafting done but I did manage to crochet two more Rapunzel scarfs.  I got the pattern over on Ravelry
 I didn't have a real person model so this cutie pie will have to do. She usually like to model but I may have taken it too far this time.


Here are a few pictures from our trip to Florida.



Here is one more pair of slippers.  These I made for my daughter, I messed up a little on one of them but I'm hoping she won't notice. I'm off to warmer weather for a couple of weeks.  Cheers!


Cardstock Withdrawal

Oh yeah, cardstock withdrawal, it a real thing and it happened to me so the only thing to do was make cards.  I'm going to try to bring back the art of sending thank you cards. Everyone should do more of it and I'm going to do my part.

Here are a few cards I made using parts from kits that have been laying around that need to be used. I'm going to try to send a thank you card every week and you should as well. Don't know who you would send card to?  We all have people to be thankful for, how about someone that said something that made you feel special, a favorite aunt, the person that takes care of your dog, an EMT or a nice neighbor. I may even have to write to Ghirardelli and Scrub Daddy.


Happy New Year

This is how old people that have no life spend New Year's Eve.  They sit in their rocking chair and crochet a pair of slippers. In the past I have made attempts to make a pair I really like and just ended up ripping them out.  So I finally broke down and purchased a pattern from Mamacjee Patterns.  These are called the Oma House Slippers and they are wonderful. These are my practice pair that I made with leftover yarn the next pair I make I will try a smaller hook  'cause I like my slippers nice and snug.
Have a warm, wonderful and blessed New Year.