With the cold and snow comes my yarn.  Since I complain and get totally stressed and whatever I'm working on ends in disaster when it comes to knitting I've decided to stick with what I know and that's crocheting. I made this little bracelet a while back and don't think I've ever posted it.
It was one of those super quick and easy projects fun little funky projects that I like to do. I added some Stampin' Up vintage looking buttons.
I also found a cute little rustic looking star over on Rivalry.
I like to decorate one of my tress with an old fashion feel to it so I'm thinking some of these stars and a few hearts might just be the ticket. I used Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and a size  F hook.  It came out to be about 3.5 inches.

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Kathy said...

Obviously you are using a smaller needle than my favorite size "G" crochet hook. Looks great!