Fingerless gloves

While going through my yarn stash I cam across a few projects that needed to be finished.  This is one of those projects.
 I've tried a couple of different patterns and these are the easiest I've found. It's a free pattern over on Ravery they are called fingerless gloves by Eleven Handmade. This is not the true color.

Here is another picture and they aren't this color either. They are dark red but I don't know how to take pictures so that I can get the true colors.


Mind verses Reality

Some things with the best of intentions things go terrible awry.  This is one of those times.  I make some fabulous almond short bread cookies and least they are in my mind and they sold very well at the farmers market this summer.  So to make them look nice I used my spritz cookie press but that is so much work and would confuse people as they would think they were Spritz cookies.  So when my sister told me about a Norticware shortbread pan I bit, hook line and sinker.

Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?
Here is a picture of what the cookies should look like.
Looks delicious doesn't it? In my mind this is how my cookies were going to look.
In reality this is how my cookies look.
Almost the same, right?
I'm not giving up hope yet, I'm going to try the recipe that came with the pan, and if that doesn't work ......
I have a new tray for serving cookies.
Happy baking!


Christmas Cards - Done

This year I decided since cards are my business there is no reason why I shouldn't be sending out lots of Christmas cards especially to my customers. Now you might think I would just whip out 50 simple cards and be done with it but no, I had to do it the Cindy way.

Here is just a sampling of some of the cards that were sent. In case you aren't familiar with the Cindy way, it means lots of stamping, burnishing, punching, cutting, embossing and layers.
Now I can think of a reason not to send out lots of cards, it a massive amount of work, ha ha. I'm raising my right hand, and next year I solemnly swear to start in October, not the second week in December.



With the cold and snow comes my yarn.  Since I complain and get totally stressed and whatever I'm working on ends in disaster when it comes to knitting I've decided to stick with what I know and that's crocheting. I made this little bracelet a while back and don't think I've ever posted it.
It was one of those super quick and easy projects fun little funky projects that I like to do. I added some Stampin' Up vintage looking buttons.
I also found a cute little rustic looking star over on Rivalry.
I like to decorate one of my tress with an old fashion feel to it so I'm thinking some of these stars and a few hearts might just be the ticket. I used Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and a size  F hook.  It came out to be about 3.5 inches.


Rapunzel Scarf

This is a super easy crochet scarf that I found on Ravery.  It's called the Rapunzel scarf and it's just five crochet strips that are braided together. It's made using the double crochet foundation stitch. You can see the you tube video here if you want a little peek at how to go about learning how to go about it.


Tree Cards

I always put a little something in the bags when I deliver to my Stampin' Up customers so this time I made some tree cards that I absolutely love.
 I used one of the in colors, mossy meadow for the trees and the base cardstock and crumb cake for the outside and inside. The trees and stars are from the stamp set Festival of Trees  and punched them out with the new tree punch. These are from the seasonal catalog and you still have time to purchase your set if you haven't already.
 The embossing folder is Filigree Frame, also from the holiday catalog. I have been hoarding a couple of products and decided to use them. Some of the cards I used the Natural Trim Ribbon and the ribbon slides and the others I used the antique brads with the seam binding ribbon.
The inside of the card.
I also made a couple of these funky little cards just for fun.


Busy Little Beavers

This week end Michele came home with lots of ideas of what she wanted to get done.  She sells Thirty One Bags and accessories and wanted to make something for thank you for coming gifts.

So we got crackin' and made little packets of tags. Twelve packets to be exact.

Here is a sampling of what they will get just for showing up.

She wanted to make Christmas gifts as well so I had to clear a path in my sewing room so she could make these adorable little cup cozies.