Money Grows on Trees

This Halloween I decided not to give out candy.  Since we live on the edge of town and don't get many trick or treaters,  I decided I really don't want any extra candy laying around so this year I'm giving out cash.
I cut orange paper 3 x 3, then got out my envelope punch board and punched and scored at 1 1/2 inches. I then placed three quarters inside, folded it and used pearl cotton to tie it.  I had leftover stickers from Paper Pumpkin so I used those to decorate them.

I went out and cut some branches off one of my shrubs, put them in a fruit jar and proceeded to hang the little packets of money on the tree.  I didn't anticipate the money being so heavy so it really didn't work out as well as planned, as the braches aren't really strong enough but I did manage to get a few of them hung.

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Jeanette Buchanan said...

I guess money does grow on trees. Cute idea.