I Challlenged Kathy .........

Then I went searching on the world wide web and found a fabulous idea for using gelli print paper then I went on vacation, then came home and got sick, then forgot about our challenge.  When my head started to clear, I remembered we had a challenge, but couldn't find the fabulous idea back again.  So when I woke up this morning and realized I hadn't done a thing for the challenge, I panicked and ask myself what can I make in three minutes for less.
  Well here is the result.   Paper Beads! Yes I know it's sad, it's pathetic  but It's what I made.  and I'll try to do better for the next challenge.
I also made a tag using the same paper as I used for the beads.
Make sure you hop on over to Kathy's blog and see what she made with some of her papers. Her work is so incredible and inspiring.

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Kathy said...

Beads are a great idea but didn't you forget to mention that you decorated the tag with matching paper. You might need to edit your post.