I used to take pictures of my garden on a regular bases, weeds and all, but for some reason this year I have fallen behind. So without further ado here are a few pics.

My resurrection plant.  In the spring it is a bundle of green leaves, they all die, then mid summer our of what seems like no where up springs the beautiful flowers with just a long stem and no leaves at all.

This is my candy corn plant.

Popcorn palnt.

It smells like buttered popcorn.  Which makes me wonder, does my candy corn plant smell like candy corn, or just look like candy corn, I may have to go check that out.

These are just various potted plants going in the front of my house.


Kathy said...

Great pictures. Love that popcorn plant!

TrishEllen C said...

I love your plants and you made me want to go smell my shrimp plant to see if it smells like....shrimp of course! I don't think I've heard of either popcorn or candy corn plants but then I don't buy many that flower. They don't last in hot Florida sun. I'll take some time to check out your postings later today!