Challenge for Kathy

Since my friend Kathy challenged me to a tag and bag I thought I would throw a challenge right back at her. I have a growing number of gelli print papers and she seemed to be a little more obsessed than me, so I am challenging her to make something from the paper that is not a card or envelope. It can be anything else and it is not limited to just one item.  Since I'm going on vacation and she will be heading south for the winter I am making the deadline October 6th.
Here are a couple of prints I made at Kathy's house.


A couple of weeks ago my crafty friend Kathy challenged me to make a tag and bag as a surprise birthday gift for our friend Jeanette. If you are interested in more details and some great pics, hop on over to her blog KT Krafts.  Kathy is a wonderful cook and served up a scrumptious Mexican themed lunch.  It was then followed by show and tell highlighting the tags and bags.


 Kathy's cute bag

My origami bag.  You can find the video on exactly how to make this here.

Kathy gave us each a bookmark with our initial on it that she made using some of her gelli plate papers.


Event Thank You Cards

When I have a Stampin' Up Event I always make something to put in their order bag as a little thank you.  This time I decided to make some cards that are a little out there.
Here is a little tutorial of how I make them.  First take a sheet of aluminum foil and scrunch it up.  Then carefully unscrunch it. I cut them ( with my rotary cutter ) to 5 x 3.75  I think if you use the heavy duty aluminum foil you can use your paper cutter but it kind of torn mine so I just used my rotary cutter. I attached the foil using double sided tape.
I then stamped on midnight navy cardstock using the Beautiful Bunch stamp set and embossed it with smoky slate embossing powder.
For this funky card I just punched out flowers in random spots and attached the cardstock with my tape runner then punched flowers out of aluminum foil and placed three of them on top of where I punched the cardstock.  Then added another little cardstock flower over the aluminum foil.  I topped it off with a tiny piece of foil rolled into a little ball for the center of the flower. 
And yes you have my permission to use your punches on aluminum foil.  They say it actually sharpers them. And who exactly are they you ask?  I don't know, I guess that would be the world wide web.



I used to take pictures of my garden on a regular bases, weeds and all, but for some reason this year I have fallen behind. So without further ado here are a few pics.

My resurrection plant.  In the spring it is a bundle of green leaves, they all die, then mid summer our of what seems like no where up springs the beautiful flowers with just a long stem and no leaves at all.

This is my candy corn plant.

Popcorn palnt.

It smells like buttered popcorn.  Which makes me wonder, does my candy corn plant smell like candy corn, or just look like candy corn, I may have to go check that out.

These are just various potted plants going in the front of my house.