Tune in Tuesday

Here is another super simple project that could be made in mast quantities if you so desired.
It's made with a Hershey nugget, a piece of 1 inch by 3 1/4 inch card stock and colored pencils.
I just drew on the faces with colored pencils, you could use makers, paint or anything you have laying around.  I used pencils 'cause they were 2 feet from where I was sitting. Then take a pair of gloves or 1 single glove if you are one of those people that loses a glove and never tosses out the single because you are sure as soon as you do, the other one will turn up.  You know who you are. Now just go ahead a cut the fingers off that single glove and make five of these cute little guys and girls and if the other glove turns up, well just make five more.

I made a boy and a girl just for fun. You can leave them as is or add a hook to hang on a tree. Then after you have the fingers cut off, don't throw them away.

You now have a pair of fingerless gloves for texting, not while you're driving, of course.

Wow that is a really bad angle, my fingers are not that fat. If you don't have any of gloves laying around that you want to cut up, just head on down to the nearest dollar store, last year they were selling them 2 pair for a dollar.

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