Herds of Sheep

I've been making herds of sheep for my Etsy shop.  These were for a special order.
 I've been making round sheep.
 Oval sheep.
Sheep with legs.
Sheep with no legs.
Sheep with a little pouch on the back to hold a scissors.
 Sheep that you can wear on your lapel.
 And I have no idea why these two pictures mysteriously turned to the side.  They aren't like that on my camera and I can't change them.

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Gina E. said...

Love your sheep! I still have a copy of one of your felt sheep patterns on my computer, but haven't done anything with it yet...
I make some cards for Christmas this year, for a group of Aussies who do hand crafts of all kinds. I used paint sample cards to make some of mine, found the idea on the net, where else?