I love the idea of taking something that is no longer being used and turning it into something useful or decorative and that is why I love the Red Door Treasures.  It's two sisters that have an occasional shop and they make the coolest stuff ever. I try to exercise some self control but always manage to buy something for my self and at least on gift.
Here are the treasures that I couldn't live without this time.
 This is made from an old pie plate and is hanging on my front door.

 This cute drawer was advertised as a shelf.

 But I bought it because someday I would like to take my show on the road and take some of my cards to a craft fair and if I set it like this it would be a super cute way to display them.

This I bought for a gift and is made with old barn wood.  If I was going to keep it I would put it outside and put birdseed in it.


File Folder Cards

Have you met the new Stampin' Up envelope maker?  Let me introduce you.

Not only is it super easy to use, it comes with instructions that are printed right on it so you don't have to worry about misplacing them to make 66 different size envelopes but it also makes super cute file folder cards.

Here are a couple of other cards I made last week and forgot to post the pics.