Not Stampin' Up

I invited a couple of friends for a day of fun with paper as I wanted to play around with some supplies I have had floating around for way to long.

Our first theme was vellum. Which I had received from my friend Jeanette, so I thought it would be fitting to put it to good use when she came.

Oops this one is side ways, just turn your head so I don't have to retake the picture.
Kathy and Jeanette in all their glory. They sure make a mess, don't they?  We made other projects as well, but the rest I have made before and are already posted on my blog so I will spare you the details.We managed to getting some eating in as well.

 We had buffalo chicken sandwiches, a mock potato salad, which is made with cauliflower and a much healthier version, fruit salad and chipotle black bean chips.
Angel pudding for dessert.
Oh I almost forgot I introduced them to my two new friends, Jeremiah and Arnold.

I also sent them home with lovely parting gifts that I forgot to take pictures of but you will just have to trust me when I tell you they were super cute and very delicious. It was Brownie Puppy Chow, in Stampin' Up clear plastic bags with paw prints stamped on Stampin' Up tags.


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