Graduation cards and more

Since we have our first graduation party to go to on Saturday, I thought I better get crackin' and make some cards.  The first one I did in our school colors which are blue, green and silver and I didn't really like it so I tried black and white.

I like the black and white a lot more and it works for any school and college as well, so I that's the route I will go.
I have a lot of left over supplies from previous make and take events.  Usually two days before the event I make up kits for everyone that as RSVP'd, then I always have people that end up not coming. So now I am left with the dilemma of what to do with the leftovers since I already have samples made up I really don't want several more of the exact same card. Not all the projects aren't cards and can't be changed in any shape or form but the ones I can, I try to change up a bit.
This was the original card that we made.

These are the variations.

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