Back from vacation

I got back from a wonderful trip from San Francisco and wine county with my lovey daughter to fine the new Stampin' Up books on my door step.  Well, actually no, my husband had brought them in the house. I took about 200 pictures so I will spare you the agony of showing them to you but in case you are interested there are about 80 of them are posted on facebook.
I had preordered a couple of things from the book and I think I found my new favorite thing.
Aren't they cool?
This foam like material comes in a package like this.
You can add ink or food coloring or leave white.
Then put the foam like material into little molds.

 These I kept white and just used a dauber to ink the edges.

These I just stuck three of them together and once they dry they are permanently together,
They are light as a feather and are going to be so much fun to play around with.

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Kathy said...

I really need a catalog!