I'm a hoarder

I made a few of these cards as a thank you for my customers that ordered from the last Stampin Up event that I had.
I just love these polka dot brads and have been hoarding them 'cause I like them so much. I decided I really don't know what I'm saving them for, if I like them so much I should be using them since I can always buy more.
There have been something else I've been hoarding as well.
My friend Evy gave me a sheet of the First Edition Specialty paper so I thought I would bite the bullet and make a card with that as well. I really didn't want to cover much of the paper so decided just to add a small punch and button.

For this card I used some old playing cards and now I just need to find someone that's turning 21 and I have the perfect card.
Last time my friend Jenny had her Stampin' Up event, I went to join the fun. This wasn't going to be part of the fun, but when she showed it to us, we got so excited she did a little demo and let us try it.

The one on the right is the one we made at her house.  When I got home I wanted to make another one so I would remember how, but I don't have round punches but I do have the Spellbinder circles so my body is a little rounder (which turns out to be more realistic to my real dog).
I ran with it and made a bunch.

After all those very time intensive dogs I need to make something quick and easy and this one fit the bill.


Kathy said...

Great assortment of cards and such a variety of techniques to try. Love the embossing folder used in the last card pictured.

Robbie said...

Whew! I was a little worried when I saw the "I'm a hoarder"! Nicely done!

Gina E. said...

I think this card thing is an addiction which seems to be able to spread via the internet! I've been getting more into cards and other smaller crafts recently, although the reason for that is more likely to be connected to my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Which is slowly getting better, but the other reason I have suddenly stopped sewing is because my machine suddenly DIED again - GRRRRR!! It was only last yar I got it fixed...Ah well, back to cards and small stuff. Yours have given me inspiration!