I just couldn't stop

Have you ever started doing something then you tried to stop doing it and you just couldn't stop? Well that happened to me.
 I started making cards with my new window frame. 

It all started with a lace doily. And then I found a little piece of lace that I was going to toss out, then it hit me, a perfect lace curtain for a card.

 Then I found more lace that I thought was even more perfect for window cards.
 So I made some more cards.

Then I found a butterfly that was just begging to go on a card.

 I just had to make some using my song birds cut out of an old hymn book
that I got at a second hand store.
 I tried to stop I really really did.
Does anyone have a favorite?


Robbie said...

There could be worse things for you to not "stop" at, Cindy! These are great!! I'd have to go with the adorable butterfly!! You know me and my butterfly's! Very nice work!

Gina E. said...

They are all so sweet and all unique, hard to choose a favorite, but after a second look, the red curtains appeal to me.
I did a card workshop today at the Calligraphy Society of which I am a member. I'm not really into making many cards, but I enjoyed myself today, and made six cards, two of which have already gone to two friends whose birthday was today!