A twist and more

This is my sewing room.
This is Lucy looking very confused and suspicious, number one, she is not usually allowed in there and number two, even if she wanted to come in she would not be able to walk across the floor with out stepping on something.
These are my closet doors.  They are rarely closed.  Not that I don't like them closed 'cause I do, it just that usually there is so much stuff spilling out I can't possible get them shut.
This is my cutting table, it's always there but sometimes I can't find it.
My ironing area is usually piled with projects that have gone awry that I will never finish.
And here is my good ol' trusty sewing machine that never gets dusty because when I'm not using it there are projects piled on top of it.
After days of plunging though years of accumulation, I have managed to get all areas neat and tidy at the same time and thought I should celebrate by working on a long lost project.  So I pulled out a pattern and kit for a table topper that I bought up in Brainerd last fall.  It called Served With a Twist and I remember it being ever so cute.
Now I know my memory isn't what it used to be, but I know for a fact the sample they had hanging in the shop was not all crazy and puckering like this.
I never questioned it when I was sewing it as the instructions said the squares will be misshapen until it's assembled. I don't know what I did wrong and no amount of tugging and pressing is going to fix it.
Perhaps my sewing room was just too neat and tidy and I just couldn't think straight. I'm off to do some messing up, maybe my sewing room, maybe my next project, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Gina E. said...

LMAO! Oh Cindy, I giggled my way all through your comments on the photos! You are so funny :-)
Especially the last one with the puckered fabric; I tried to make a block with curves just last week, and it turned out like that! As you say, no amount of ironing will fix it, so into the scrap bin it went...