Just stuff I've been doing

After I made the gingerbread garland for my railing, I thought the other side looked a little bare so I made a tea dyed snowflake garland.
 Then keeping with my quick and easy theme I decided to make napkin rings.

 I've said it before, and I'll say it again I love gingerbread men!
And lastly project was neither quick or easy mainly because they started out a knitting project.
It all started one day when I decided I needed a pair of knitted fingerless gloves to wear around my house on those below zero days when my hands never seem to warm up. My friend said she had some easy patterns she would share with me.  Well after a few very unsuccessful attempts at two of the patterns, I then tried begging hiring a friend, then another friend to make a pair for me and when that was unsuccessful I thought I would try crocheting some. They aren't what I expected, but they will suffice for now.



Remember the beaded bracelets and my endless supply of beads I have acquired?  Well, here's what I'm doing now.

They are bookmarks and a great way to use up all your odd beads.

And if you have an e-reader and don't read books anymore, you can use it to embellishment a bottle of wine, candle or anything you want to jazz up a bit.
I also decided to use up a few odds and ends of fabric and make a couple more pillow cases.
I love the sheep fabric that I made a set of pillowcases out of but didn't have enough for another case.  I thought it was just too cute to be laying in the bottom of my closet, so I just used it for the ends instead of the main color. The cupcake fabric was leftover from the potholders I had made last Christmas.


Receipt Dilemma

I have a receipt dilemma in the bottom of my purse, especially this time of year they just seem to take over. So I decided to make a little zippered pouch to take care of the problem.  I was inspired by these purses.
Many moons ago my daughter made and sold tons of these purses, at the same time we were drinking a lot of Caribou Coffee.  So I had a brainstorm idea to save the empty bags and make purses out them them. Needless to say, that never happened so I've been hanging on to multiple bags for years. Then when I started to have the receipt problem in my purse I thought it would be fun to make something to hold them and came up with this.

It was my kind of project, quick, easy, fun and functional .


Gingerbread Men

Slowly I'm getting my Christmas decorations out and about. I have a soft spot in my heart for gingerbread men, makes no different to me if they are editable or not.
So this little gingerbread men garland hit the spot.


Wool felt

I've been selling a lot of wool felt flowers and snowflakes in my Etsy shop so today I thought it would be fun to show you what Femia has done with hers.

You can check out her Etsy shop at Porshas Place