Let it Snow

It snowed here today and I was so busy with my snowman cookies I didn't get a picture of the huge beautiful lightly falling snowflakes so delightfully covering the ground.

This is just half of the batch of these very time consuming cute little guys that I will be selling this holiday season. Yes, that right, I'm selling candies, cookies and bars this holiday season. Since I love to bake and always bake more than my family can possible consume, I decided to bake for others that don't have time or just don't care to take the job on themselves.
 Not only are they cute but they are really tasty as well.

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Gina E. said...

Would you like to swap cookies? I'd love to try some of yours, and would be happy to send you a pack of our Aussie Tim Tams in return!
I do cook my own now and then, but mostly 'healthy' fruit and nut biscuits.