Another fun day

Today was the monthly road trip to make cards with friends, Jeanette and Kathy. It started out with a fun, relaxing, uneventful drive to Alex with me at the wheel. On the way home we stopped for a wonderful meal overlooking Lake Minnewaska. Then things took a turn for the worst.  Coming out of Glenwood my low fuel light came on and with traffic ahead of me and traffic behind me and no convenient place to turn around, I made a executive decision to not turn around and find a gas station. I just kept driving and hoped for the best. As we approached a stop sign in a small town, Jeanette said the name of the town and in my mind I was thinking there is not station in this town and  trying to calculate about how far we were from home, when I pulled out in front of a car. We didn't get hit and no one had a heart attack so I thought luck was on my side. Then about 13 miles from home, the vehicle jerked and sadly, this is not the first time this has happened so I knew exactly what was happening started pulling over, then my sensor told me the vehicle was shutting down, I pulled over unto a gravel road and called my husband, as he was the one who last used the vehicle and has a history of leaving me without gas.

 While we were waiting for our gas to arrive, we had a chance to admire and critique our cards.

At last, our gas arrived and we were on the road again.

Once back at my house they had to check out my deck and new pergola. They were really good sports about the whole escapade and as you can see they are still smiling.