Cards at Evy's house

This is George and he lives with my friend Evy.  Evy is my friend that rarely makes one of anything.  I went to her house yesterday to help her make some thank you/place cards for a hospice volunteer thank you dinner.
We started out with a wonderful lunch (Evy is a fantastic cook as well)
We had a scrumptious bowl wild rice soup and quesidillas.
Then we worked like crazy - Evy style and mass produced hundreds of cards. We took a short break for some flaming dessert.
You can't see it flaming in the picture but it was.  The flame went out pretty quickly so I may have been a little too slow and missed it with my camera, but it really was flaming.
It was delicious, however I had to eat fast as Evy was cracking the whip.
.By the time I left we had mass produced over 60 cards. On one side they have a little thank you note and the other side has a pocket for a piece of Ghirardelli chocolate. No, it wasn't really hundreds, however after I left Evy keep on working and made 30 more.  She's like the Energizer bunny and just keeps going and going.

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Kathy said...

Looks like you had a great day.