Yo Yo's

This month has not been very productive for me as far as finishing projects or anything else for that matter.  Since it's been a long time since I've posted I'll show you what I am working on.
 Last month I got together with my friends Bev and Evy and we made yo yo's, not for any particular reason just 'cause they are fun, they are easy to make and visit at the same time and they wanted to learn how to make them with yo yo makers. I decided to use mine to decorate the bottom of a tray.
I went to the local hardware store and had them cut a piece of Plexiglas glass to size to protect the yo yo's.  I still have to finish stitching them together which is much more time consuming that what I expected. I think it's much cuter in person and can hardly wait to have someone over so I can put it good use.

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Gina E. said...

Is that a coincidence or what! I spent an afternoon with a friend some time back, making yo yos for the same reason - they are fun to do! Mine are in a bag somewhere; I should get them out and sew them on something.