Sometimes I'm such a duffus

Well, most of the time that is.  Let me just start by saying my sewing room is really cold in the winter, so sometimes I use my kitchen island as my cutting board.  Well, I decided to be an over achiever and cut borders for two different projects and my Prairie Woman's project all at once, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Then somewhere between my kitchen counter and my sewing room things went a-rye.
 Two of my borders should have been made into four patches and inadvertently went on a mini quilt.
And then a whole bunch of little bitty four patches ended up with the border fabric in them. Don't you just hate that when that happens?

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Betty said...

I have to laugh at the "duffus". My dad used to use that word and I hadn't heard it in years. I love both of those black prints. I bet you'll find a way to salvage your projects. My prairie isn't as beautiful as it was in my mind. Oh well.