I went shopping

You get a prize! You get a prize! You get a prize!  I feel like Oprah. I don't know why I had so few people guessing how many unfinished quilt projects I have, perhaps they feared the prize might be one of the unfinished projects or thought I might give away something undesirable.  But lucky for the ones that guessed, you are all getting a prize and you can rest assured, it won't be something you have to finish yourself. The person that guessed the closest is going to get something I picked up at an antique shop and something I made, as well.  The others will be getting something I made.

 This is a quilt top I really like and have plans to take it to a quilter and have her quilt it for me. It's a crazy log cabin and was really fun to make.
And because I can't keep a secret here is a little something for the winner of the contest.
You will be getting 5 yards of this vintage lace.


Betty said...

Both the quilt and the lace are beautiful. You might need the lace for another prairie women's quilt. You know there might be journey 2!!! I hope anyway.

dandelionmom said...

I can picture that lace on a couple of your UFOs! Pretty!

I like the way you run a contest too! ;)