Our last get-together of the season

Our super fun little group had to get together one last time before the snow birds leave so Kathy had us over to her beautiful home for a wonderful meal.
 She is such a wonderful cook and it's always such a treat to go to her home.

 They are such a hard working bunch.  See how diligently they are working?  See my hodge podge mess in the front of the picture? That's how I roll.
And then there is Evy.  She's the one that worked like a crazy woman at the retreat and made 154 cards! She's still making cards like a crazy woman.  Then poor Kathy couldn't get a thing done, she just roved around helping some of us in need.
What a difference can make.

This is the view I have from the window of my three season porch this morning. I am hoping our employees can make it to work today so I can stay home a accomplish some things off my ever so long to-do list.


Kathy said...

Looks like you found your camera. Thanks, it was a great afternoon.

Marsha said...

It looks like it was a great day! It is fun to see posts where I recognize all the faces :)

Today is a good day to stay inside and get stuff done...if only I could remember where I stored a half finished project from last winter. lol!

Gina E. said...

Looks like a nice group of ladies there, Cindy. It is fun to get together with people who share a common interest.
Wow, will you look at that snow! You guys in the northern hemisphere could make wonderful Xmas cards with the snowy photos that appear on your blogs! We've had nothing but rain, rain, rain, here, and that's okay after the 10 years of drought we've just had, it's just too much all at once, and the poor farmers have been flooded out, not to mention a locust plague...as they say, it never rains, but it pours!
Have a lovely Christmas!