The pillow dilemma solved.

It all started with a pillow.  A very large simple pillow. My daughter bought it for her apartment and wanted me to make a cover for it. I agreed to make one even though I thought the pillow was fine the way it was.  So when I was shop hopping with my friends I found a super cute pillow pattern but I forgot one little thing - to put my glasses on when I looked at the size.  It turns out the pattern was much smaller than what I had thought it was. So I did what I do best, I procrastinated and soon the days had turned to weeks. I planned my strategy thinking I would just make it following the pattern then add borders.  I decided to bite the bullet and get started.  I decided to make a sample one first using the pattern to see what size I was dealing with, compared to what I needed. I made the prototype then the weeks turned into months. I had promised my daughter that I would have it done by the time she came home to visit (she doesn't come home often) I did more planning, more strategizing and more procrastinating  before I finally decided to bite the bullet and just do it.  Oh did I mention in the mean time, she bought a second pillow for me to cover as well? 

The pillow before.
The pillow after.

The pillow and the prototype.
I made them as slip covers so they can be taken off easily if needed. The are all finished at last and I must admit they do look pretty cute and funky.


Anonymous said...

What great slip covers!! Love black and white. You did a great job!!

Ann flowers

Michele said...

It looks really good! I really like it! :)