Paper Fun

I love working with paper.  It's more of an immediate satisfaction thing as opposed to working with fabric.
With these two little paper projects I had something done in less than and hour.  It seems like with my fabric projects I can work for hours and still have nothing to show for it.

This is a cute little post-it note holder I made for one of the girls that works for us.  She is turning 16 so I thought I would make this just for fun. It's made with a clear plastic 5 x 7 frame with some cute paper inside the frame and jazzed up with funky flowers and her initial.

I got the idea for these little pumpkins from a scrap booking store up in Brainerd. I used a two different sizes of Spellbinders oval shapes, then I made two of them just using my punches. I was just relying on my memory and I couldn't remember if they had the little tendril in them but I thought they needed a little something so I used some green wire I had on hand. I do remember they just used paper for the stems but I have a massive amount of twigs in the yard so I thought I would recycle some of them. These really do look cuter in person, trust me.

 This little book took more than an hour but was really fun to make.  It's filled with quotes and positive affirmations.

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Gina E. said...

I can relate to your feelings about working with paper! I like to mess around with paper crafts for the same reason - quick results! You have made some really neat things here.