Like a Squirrel Gathering Nuts .....

I gathered a couple of little unfinished projects in anticipation of the 2-10 inches of snow they were forecasting. The snow pretty much missed us but I managed to finish my gathered projects anyway.

 This is a Crabapple Hill Design.  I absolutely loved their designs and have done my part to keep their company going.
This is a close up view where the pattern called for french knots, I added beads instead.

This little number was supposed to be an ornament.  I added sand and wool in to inside and mine will be used for a paperweight, or pin cushion or something.

This crazy quilt mitten I started last year and for some reason never finished it. Perhaps every time they forecast snow I'll finish three projects, but for every three I finish I start four more so I'll always have plenty to choose from. The mitten is an ornament and much smaller than it appears.


Gina E. said...

The beads look super - what a great idea to use beads instead of fiddly French Knots!
It's good to be able to turn something ornamental into a useful item like a paperweight - hever thought of that! You can only use (and give away) so many pincushions, lol!
Is the mitten to wear, or just ornamental? It's lovely. Giggling at your remark about finishing three and starting four ;-)

Gina E. said...

"hever" thought of that? Should be "NEVER" - I'm half asleep!