More on the retreat

I learned a thing or two or three about retreats. One thing I learned is that if I want to finish something I should bring along a project that is almost complete and not a bunch of new projects.
I had brought along a couple of little booklets that I had made earlier.
 This is what they look like when they are open and laying flat.

And this is what they look like then they are closed.  They are made from three envelopes and I made mine to hold some of my favorite recipes. One is made to pull the recipes out from the right and the other is made to pull from the left.

 The other little number is also made from envelopes and you can find the instructions on how to make this super cute mini book here.

Then Kathy showed us how to make this adorable book that is the same concept but using brown paper bags.

I thought they were super cool and have several of them in the works.  This one I distressed the edges and will be used for some old family photos.

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