Crazy Quilt Pumpkins

I love fall, it's my favorite season and with that comes decorating.  I meant to have this quilt done by last fall but that didn't happen.  I love making the tops and I like putting on the binding but it's just that dreaded getting the top, batting and backing together that I just don't enjoy.  But lucky me, I have a couple of friends that do a wonderful job and are willing to help me out.
This was quilted by my friend Susan.
 It's made with all flannels so I'm sure it was quite challenging to quilt.
Each pumpkin is a different color and has four different crazy quilt stitches in each one.

When I brought it to Susan I told her I loved everything that I have seen of hers and she could do what ever she wanted.  She didn't disappoint me and did an amazing job.
I thought perhaps I could use it as a table cloth but after I tossed it over my couch to take pictures I think it looks kind of nice there.

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Gina E. said...

Gorgeous quilt, and it looks so cozy and warm. Funny how we all have our particular challenges. I don't mind putting the three layers together; mind you I haven't done a full size quilt! But I just HATE binding, and always look for the easy alternative.