A Saturday aftenoon and Press and Seal

I have been wanting to embellish my apron blocks ever since I started making them but here is the reason why I haven't . . . .
I have an excessive amount of laces and trims but I would look at this mess and think "it's just not worth the hassle."
So I dumped out the whole works and decided to get organized.

So with spools, clothes pins, Press and Seal and a lot of patience this is what I have now. My apron blocks will never be the same.

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Gina E. said...

Oh yes, doesn't it make a difference when you tidy those things up! I had laces, braids and ribbons all mixed up in a tangle, but I now have all my laces around rectangular bits of cardboard, in one box. The braids and ribbons are in another box, neatly coiled (until I need one, then it will all be a mess again, no doubt).