A Fun Day

Yesterday my friend Jeanette and I took a  cutting curves quilting class from Debbie Bowles.But first we went to lunch to celebrate my birthday which is back in May- better late than never. After wine and dessert we headed to class.
Debbie's company is Maple Island Quilts and she is a wonderful teacher. Here are a few of her quilts she brought to show.

This is what I accomplished.  Actually I did more than that but its the same idea just more of them. The green and orange fabric is left over from a previous project and this will be a great way to get rid of it. If I use orange in my own projects I have to throw in some purple to off set it so it's much more appealing to me.
She is a fabulous teacher and the class was so much fun and a wonderful learning experience, I would highly recommend taking class from her if you ever get a chance.

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