Fun at the Quilt Show

Jeanette, Kathy and I had a great time at the quilt show.  By the time we had spent all day taking classes we only had time to shop at the vendors, so I don't have any pictures of the quilts. I will show you the pieces I worked on. I know it doesn't look as though I accomplished much, I did learn a lot. Nancy Eha is a wonderful teacher and if you are interested in beading and ever get a chance to take one of her classes I would highly recomend it.

I spent all day stitching on the beads then when I got home I took them all off except for the grapes. She had kits made up for us and I really didn't think the various colors did justice to my block so in ten mintures my block was almost back to square one.
The second day was the beaded dragonfly and Sashiko.

I was super happy with how these turned out so I won't be  doing any ripping here. It helped that she let us pick the color of beads for our Sashiko. This was really fun and I know I will be doing more of this in the near future.
The following pictures are some of her bead work.
Here is the beading queen herself in all her glory.
I also had to buy her book  Bead Creative Like Crazy. Even if I never do another beading project her book is worth it just to have in my library.

Lastly here are my very good friends Kathy and Jeanette with the gifts I made for them for all they had to put up with.



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I have been fiddling around with Picasa trying to make a collage but just can't get it to work on my computer, but with a little help from my friend Kathy and her computer we made it happen. These are just a few flowers and I see I may need a little more color from the opposite side of the color wheel.



It all started with some not so nice looking tins that seem to be accumulating at our store.  They come with chewing tobacco in them and a lot of guys just want the chew, not the tin.  So I decided to put two of them to good use and cover them.
I am giving them to Kathy and Jeanette as a thank you for putting up with me for three days gift.

 I put them into some bags I got from the bakery and just added a yo-yo flower just for fun.


Getting ready to Roll

Tomorrow I'm off to the Minnesota Quilt Show with my friends Jeanette and Kathy. I signed up for two classes both taught by Nancy Eha.  One is Beaded Dragonfly and Sashiko and the other is Crazy Beading.  They both sound very intriguing and I can hardly wait.  I made both of my blocks very similar so if I don't mess up too much I might be able to combine them into a wall hanging.


A Fun Day

Yesterday my friend Jeanette and I took a  cutting curves quilting class from Debbie Bowles.But first we went to lunch to celebrate my birthday which is back in May- better late than never. After wine and dessert we headed to class.
Debbie's company is Maple Island Quilts and she is a wonderful teacher. Here are a few of her quilts she brought to show.

This is what I accomplished.  Actually I did more than that but its the same idea just more of them. The green and orange fabric is left over from a previous project and this will be a great way to get rid of it. If I use orange in my own projects I have to throw in some purple to off set it so it's much more appealing to me.
She is a fabulous teacher and the class was so much fun and a wonderful learning experience, I would highly recommend taking class from her if you ever get a chance.


Apron Blocks

Tonight is our 30's group and I finished my apron blocks just in the nick of time.  The rule states that if you don't have last months blocks finished or at least on the background, you don't get the next months pattern. It's a great rule for people like me that procrastinate and would do the first month, then toss the next month in a file and never get around to it.