A Great Day

Yesterday was my birthday and my children couldn't be with me, but they were with me in spirit and this sent me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.  When arrived at our business it really brightened my day.
Then I arrived home to find a gift from my neighbor on the door step.
I have a little gnome garden and this is going to be the perfect addition.
And last but not least, the birthday present to myself had arrived, talk about perfect timing. It's no secret that I love shoes and I never buy just one pair at a time.  I usually buy two, but, well it is my birthday and all. Bonny Hunt was talking about OKA shoes on her show and offered a special of 20% off if you type in her code.  That was an offer I couldn't resist.

But I really wasn't planning on buying four pair,.I was just going to buy my usual two pair, but just couldn't decide so I ordered three pair.  Then I realized if I bought a fourth pair it was free shipping. Once again an offer I couldn't resist.

I bought this red pair to wear to work. Since I work with food I have to have my toes covered and  I have a hard time finding cute shoes, so these really fit the bill.

Even the bottoms are cute. They are the ShoesThatLoveYou and you can find them here.


Gina E. said...

Oh Cindy, you make me laugh with your excuses for buying four pairs of shoes! They are cute though - never seen anything like them over here.
Oh by the way - Happy Birthday! :-)

Bonnie said...

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

Gina E. said...

Hey Cindy, remember that "What's In The Bottom of my Purse" holder you made last year? In the latest Avon catalogue (here in Australia that is), there is an item called "Expandable Purse organiser" and I thought of you straight away! Would it be possible for you to do a tutorial on your blog for the one you did? I really need one of these things, as my shoulder bag has so much stuff that I just can't do without (I tell Ken it's a 'girl' thing), and they rattle around at the bottom, annoying the heck out of me :-)
I'd rather made one of my own, than buy the Avon one.