Our 30's meeting is tomorrow night and I'm all set with a couple more blocks ready to go.  We only need to have one apron block done each month to stay in the game, but I would like to make all 36 blocks so I am trying to make at least one extra each month.


Gina E. said...

Let me get my head around this...you are all making 36 blocks, which will be made into a quilt one day, right? Or are you swapping blocks with each other as well? I'm dying to see the end result! Your aprons are gorgeous.
Remember the postcard you made for me? Well, I posted a photo of it on the Stitchin Fingers website, , and suggested we use it as the theme for a postcard exchange. People have been saying how cute it is!

Nicki Lee said...

Oh these are way too cute! Are there 36 different patterns? I would love to see them.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking in for my Give Away. Good Luck!